Thursday, May 30, 2013

How to Improve Interpersonal Communication

Understanding interpersonal communication and how to respond tactfully can undoubtedly improve your relationships and build self esteem.  The way you relate or communicate with others, whether it is socially, personally, or with your family member is essential in determining how healthy your relationships will be.

Here is a typical example of poor communication:

Imagine that you have just returned home from work one night feeling angry and distressed because of something your boss has said or done.  You see your spouse and begin to vent and express how aggravated you feel about the issues with your boss.  Your spouse does not realize how serious the matter is to you and tries to tell a joke.  You become even more heated at his response and express how he/she never takes you seriously and walk away infuriated.  At that moment your significant other realizes how hurt you are and expresses how sorry he is. 

Have you ever experienced a situation similar to this?  Many times we may encounter moments such as this in a relationship.  Often times it is not that your significant other does not care.  It is just a matter of lack of interpersonal skills.  However, there are several ways that interpersonal communication can be improved. Click this link to find out How to Improve Interpersonal Communication.

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